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ACC Names 2017 Board Of Directors

Oct 17, 2016

ACC Europe Elects New Board President

Sep 29, 2016

An On-Ramp to the C-Suite: A Joint Initiative Aims to Return Motivated Female Lawyers to Corporate Counsel Roles Nationwide

Sep 13, 2016

Corporate Lawyers to Address Legal Hot Topics of 2016 at ACC Annual Meeting

Sep 06, 2016

New York Updates Finance Rule Per ACC Recommendations

Jul 28, 2016

U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Engage in Fireside Chat with Former U.S. Solicitor General Theodore B. Olson at ACC National Capital Region Event

Jul 21, 2016

ACC Receives Prestigious When Work Works Award for Exemplary Workplace Practices

Jun 22, 2016

ACC Announces Winners of 5th Annual 'Top 10 30-Somethings' Awards at Corporate Counsel University

Jun 14, 2016

Top In-house Counsel Recognised at the 10th Annual Lexology and International Law Office Global Counsel Awards in Association with ACC

Jun 10, 2016

ACC Legal Operations Conference to Highlight Innovative Techniques for Law Department Management

May 17, 2016

In-house Bar Recognizes 12 Companies as 2016 ACC Value Champions

May 11, 2016

General Counsel to Address Leadership Role, Corporate Expectations, and Demands in Today’s Global Business Market

May 09, 2016

ACC Spotlights Outstanding Leadership Contributions in Advocacy

Apr 12, 2016

Statement From ACC on the Passing of Esther Lardent

Apr 05, 2016

Backstory: A "Watershed Year" for Legal Ops

Mar 31, 2016

Nominations Sought for the ACC Board of Directors

Feb 22, 2016

One-Third of In-house Counsel Have Experienced a Corporate Data Breach, ACC Foundation: The State of Cybersecurity Report Finds

Dec 09, 2015

Nominations Sought for ACC Advocacy Award

Dec 01, 2015

Reaching Out

Nov 01, 2015

Corporate Lawyers to Address Cybersecurity, Regulatory Trends and Business in the U.S. Supreme Court at 2015 ACC Annual Meeting

Aug 05, 2015

4 Cases That Remade the GC Role

Jul 24, 2015

ACC and ACLA Unite and Commence Expanded Benefits to Members

Jun 30, 2015

Value-Based Fees, Use of Legal Operations Function Help Companies Drive Time and Cost Savings

May 19, 2015

ACC Files Amicus Brief Urging Pa. Supreme Court to Uphold Attorney-Client Relationship at Nonprofit Organizations

Apr 30, 2015

ACC Launches Membership Section for Legal Operations Professionals

Mar 04, 2015

ACLA Joins ACC - The Largest Global In-house Counsel Network

Dec 04, 2014

Association of Corporate Counsel Announces New Board of Directors

Oct 29, 2014

ACC Global Report Addresses State of Work-Life Balance in the Corporate Legal Community

Sep 29, 2014

General Counsel and Regulators to Address Cross-Border Business Challenges at Largest Worldwide Gathering of Corporate Counsel

Sep 09, 2014

Knowledge Exchange: Why Collaboration Among In-house Counsel is Essential in Changing Global Business Climate

Sep 01, 2014

Five Mistakes to Avoid When Responding to an RFP

Aug 06, 2014

ACC Annual Meeting to Address Pressing Business, Data Privacy and Regulatory Issues in Global Economy

Jul 23, 2014

L'ACC Grandit Encore

Jul 07, 2014

ACC Expands in Canada with the Establishment of ACC Alberta

Jun 30, 2014

ACC to Launch in Alberta

Jun 30, 2014

D.C. Circuit Court Rules in Favor of ACC Position on Attorney-Client Privilege for In-house Counsel in Whistleblower Case

Jun 27, 2014

ACC Fights to Protect German Corporate Counsel Independence

Jun 25, 2014

General Counsel Face Reality of New Frontier Challenges

Jun 23, 2014

Germany Must Reinforce In-house Lawyers' Independence

Jun 18, 2014

ACC, ILO Honor Leading Corporate Counsel Worldwide

Jun 18, 2014

ACC Advocates Overturning German In-house Ruling

Jun 16, 2014

Adopt Value or Be Left in the Ash Heap of History

Jun 13, 2014

Mass. Atty. Fee Ruling Could Expand In-House Counsel's Role

Jun 13, 2014

ACC Supports Petition to Protect In-house Counsel Independence in Germany

Jun 12, 2014

GC Switch Gives Law Firms a Fresh Start

Jun 12, 2014

Alternative Service Providers and Fee Arrangements

Jun 11, 2014

ACC Spotlights Top '30-Somethings' In-house Leaders

Jun 06, 2014

ACC Survey Says CLOs Most Concerned by Ethics, Regulatory Change

Jun 05, 2014

ACC CLO Survey - Canada Spotlights Canadian Companies' Reliance on CLO to Safeguard Against Litigation and Support Profitability

Jun 04, 2014

ACC Announces Winners of 3rd Annual "Top 10 30-Somethings" Awards at Corporate Counsel University

Jun 03, 2014

Navigating Growth Challenges Key to CSA Legal Team's Success

Jun 02, 2014

Cross-Border Privilege, Corporate Governance, Litigation Best Practices to be Spotlighted at ACC Conference in Canada

May 29, 2014

In-house Value Champions Find Rewards in Risk, ACC Says

May 29, 2014

Corporate Law Departments Embracing More Risk and Using Data to Control Costs and Drive Law Department Management

May 28, 2014

ACC Value Champions Tally Up In-house Savings, Efficiency

May 28, 2014

ACC Expands to Middle East Region

May 27, 2014

Data Breaches Put General Counsel in the Firing Line

May 23, 2014

Keys to Effective Compliance Programs

May 21, 2014

Corporate Trade Secret Theft: How to Prevent and Respond to it

May 20, 2014

Business Groups Spread Alarm Over Ruling in Whistleblower Case

May 19, 2014

Clifford Chance, Eversheds and Allen & Overy Triumph at Middle East Awards

May 16, 2014

ACC Grows in EMEA Region with Establishment of ACC Middle East

May 15, 2014

Association of Corporate Counsel Expands to Middle East

May 15, 2014

UK Organization Outlines Online Security Measures

May 14, 2014

Three Ways In-house Counsel can Facilitate Innovation

May 13, 2014

Boards Differ on Related-Party Transaction Disclosure

May 12, 2014

Is Your Data an Asset or a Liability?

May 09, 2014

Attorney-Client Privilege Dispute Lands Before D.C. Circuit

May 08, 2014

New Ruling Denying Privilege to Defunct Businesses Challenged

May 07, 2014

ACC Fighting In-house Rules in Pa., D.C.

May 05, 2014

GCs Challenge Ruling Denying Privilege to Defunct Corporations

May 02, 2014

ACC Urges U.S. District Court to Further Expand Proposed Changes to Bar Admission Rules

May 01, 2014

In Pennsylvania Case, ACC Argues that Attorney-Client Privilege Remains When a Corporation Dissolves

Apr 29, 2014

ACC Urges Illinois to Adopt Use of International In-house Counsel to Address Demands of Global Business Market

Apr 25, 2014

ACC Files Amicus Curiae Brief with Indiana Supreme Court in Case on Privilege and Independent Investigations

Apr 24, 2014

ACC Europe Conference to Highlight Cross-Border Legal Trends

Apr 22, 2014

Corporate Governance and the Role of the General Counsel

Apr 21, 2014

Creating a Corporate Ediscovery Readiness Program

Apr 18, 2014

European Union Lifts Obstacles to Antitrust Damages

Apr 17, 2014

China Marks Change of Focus on Environmental Protection Laws

Apr 16, 2014

Is This the Death of Hourly Rates at Law Firms?

Apr 14, 2014

Finding Harmony in Cross-Border Risk Management

Apr 10, 2014

ACC Chapters Worldwide Celebrate Diversity on 'Day of Pink'

Apr 09, 2014

European In-house Lawyers to Analyze Compliance, Anti-Corruption and Data Protection at ACC Europe Annual Conference

Apr 08, 2014

SEC Threats Don't Help In-house Bar Prevent Retaliation

Apr 07, 2014

ACC to Hold Third Annual Corporate Counsel University to Sharpen Practice Skills of New In-house Attorneys

Apr 03, 2014

ACC to Hold Program on Cross-Border Risk Management

Apr 01, 2014

ACC to Hold Conference in Canada on Emerging Legal Trends

Mar 31, 2014

Developing a Legal Strategy for Global Workforces

Mar 28, 2014

ACC to Examine Leading Corporate Governance, Anti-Corruption Issues at Compliance and Ethics Conference

Mar 27, 2014

Sanctions Against Russia Mean Greater Due Diligence, Risk Management

Mar 26, 2014

Global Bribery Crackdown Gains Steam

Mar 25, 2014

ACC, ILO Recognize Latin America's Top Corporate Counsel

Mar 24, 2014

ACC, U.S. Chamber Protest Whistleblower Privilege Decision

Mar 24, 2014

As General Counsel Turnover Climbs, Companies Rethink Priorities

Mar 21, 2014

ACC Challenges Latest Attack on In-house Counsel Privilege Protection in Kellogg Brown & Root Whistleblower Case

Mar 20, 2014

Finding the Appropriate Balance Between Ethics and Compliance in a Regulatory Landscape

Mar 18, 2014

Action! ACC Releases Online Videos on Risk & Compliance

Mar 17, 2014

Japan Looks to Strengthen Cybersecurity

Mar 14, 2014

ACC Ramps Up Digital Content to Address Growing Compliance and Ethics Concerns

Mar 13, 2014

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