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Finally, a central clearing house for jobs in corporate legal operations is available – not to mention career resources and FAQ!

Members are welcome to post job openings and resumes here. Just send them to, and we'll take care of the rest. (Recruiters will be charged a fee.)

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ACC has teamed with the career experts at Robert Half Legal to compile answers to the most commonly asked questions about navigating the complex legal job marketplace.


Legal Ops Resources

Legal Operations Job Description Compilation

Sep 2015 Article Download pdf

For your benchmarking, an accumulation of job descriptions provided by members (some redacted) and captured from open position listings. Includes descriptions of positions heading up legal operations, as well as manager-level positions. Updated quarterly.

University Partnerships; Advancing the Practice of Law and Delivery of Legal Services

Sep 2015 Article Download pdf

Increasingly, law schools are improving their curricula and offering work experience opportunities beyond law firm summer associate programs, in an effort to develop multi-disciplinary lawyers with a strong grounding in operational concepts. Legal departments are invited to partner with these universities in a variety of ways, from providing adjunct faculty to internship opportunities. This compendium of practice-focused law school programs will be updated as additional university programs are submitted.


Career Resources

Back to School: Why Legal Professionals Should Pursue CLE

Sep 2014 Article Login To Download

No matter your age, back-to-school season can still conjure up a heavy dose of nostalgia for fresh beginnings. Even if your classroom days are far behind you, as a legal professional, you never really stop learning. Though lawyers and support staff need continuing legal education (CLE) to meet keep their licenses and certifications current, those shouldn’t be the only reasons to look to professional development. Read on to learn more.

5 Legal Trends You Need to Know and Prepare For

Sep 2014 Article Login To Download

So, what’s in store for the legal profession? Most notably, our research shows that clients are driving change for the foreseeable future. They want more accessible, efficient and value-driven legal services. In turn, these requirements are resulting in a transformation of the profession. Read on to learn how law office management will evolve in the next few years.

Legal Career Tips for Building a Personal Brand

Jul 2014 Article Login To Download

If you’re drawn to a flexible schedule and a variety of assignments, consulting could be a natural fit. Read on for answers to common questions that you may have when considering an independent legal career.

Legal Career Independence: Could a Consulting Career Await You?

Jul 2014 Article Login To Download

Here are five tips for discovering your personal brand and learning how to make it work for you.

Why Making a Counter Offer May not Improve Retention . . . and What You Should Do Instead

Jun 2014 Article Login To Download

Tips on how to increase your employee retention rates.